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In Peabody, Massachusetts, there were a total of 181 premature deaths in 2009. This means that premature fatalities occurred at a rate of 304.9 deaths for every 100,000 people, according to

When an injury or fatality occurs, victims or surviving family members must understand the legal options available under Massachusetts law. It is possible to obtain compensation for an injury or death but those who have been harmed must take legal action. A Peabody personal injury lawyer should be consulted after an injury to determine if an individual or defendant can be sued for damages. Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers can provide assistance in pursuing a claim for negligence or wrongdoing that results in injury or death.

Types of Personal Injuries in Peabody Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, a total of 2,820 people were killed because of unintentional injuries over the course of 2008. According to, injury is the number one cause of death among people under age 44. The number of deaths from falls has been up 18 percent each year since 2004, and falls are now the second most common reason for a fatality resulting from injuries. Motor vehicle collision deaths have been steadily declining in Massachusetts and nationwide, and car accident deaths in 2009 became the fourth leading cause of injury in the state. Car crashes now account for only 13 percent of fatalities that occur as a result of unintentional injury. Posioning is the most common cause of accidental death, primarily because of drug overdoses.

In Peabody, Massachusetts, many visitors and locals are drawn to the Northshore Mall, which has been a shopping mecca since 1958. The Salem Country Club, with its professional golf course, is also a big attraction. The central location of Peabody makes it an easy commute to Salem, as Peabody is two miles from the Salem Center. Peabody is also just 15 miles northeast of Boston, 18 miles to the southwest of Gloucester, and 18 miles southeast of Lawrence. West Peabody is an upper middle class area that allows people who work in all of these places to commute.

With a population of 51,251 as well as a number of visitors coming to enjoy the Ipswich River, the Nathaniel Felton Houses, and Brooksby Farm, it should come as no surprise that three fatalities occurred in motor vehicle collisions on the busy roads of Peabody in 2011, according to City Data.

Other top causes of injury or fatalities in the Peabody area nursing home abuse; drownings; dog bites and injuries from defective products.

Peabody Injury Victims Have Legal Rights

Victims of injuries in Peabody should seek legal assistance right away. Injuries should be documented and victims should be fully compensated for losses, including non-economic damages such as pain and suffering and long-term ongoing medical care. Kindred Hospital Boston-North Shore is located in Peabody, and provides long-term acute care to patients in its 50 bed facility according to US News Health, so many patients will recover there when an injury is serious.

Claims for damages may settle outside of court or a lawsuit may be pursued after an injury in Peabody. The Peabody District Court is located at 1 Lowell Street in Peabody Massachusetts. An experienced Peabody injury attorney can assist in filing a case in the appropriate court or in negotiating an injury settlement.

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