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Jeff Glassman and his team of legal professionals provided me with incredible legal representation for an accident that left me with life altering injuries. Jeff came to my rescue and from the very first day I contacted him my case became a priority for his firm. Through every aspect of the legal process Jeff's firm explained and assisted me with incredible detail and patience.

Michael D'Isola, an attorney in Jeff's firm provided me with incredible personal service and guidance throughout the process. Both Jeff and Michael were there by my side through the discovery, the depositions and the final outcome before the judge. I have never been involved in any type of lawsuit prior to this and the thought of it was overwhelming. Jeff's team immediately put me at ease and educated me on the process.

This is not just a top notch law firm it also is a caring and personal people oriented group. Jeff is an incredibly knowledgeable attorney that is results oriented. He is one of the most trustworthy individuals I have ever known and anyone who finds themselves facing the intimidation of the legal process will find themselves immediately at ease with him and his firm. Jeff's guidance resulted in an extremely favorable result for me. Jeff will fight for you, he will listen and he will deliver in a very realistic and professional manner. I can never possibly thank Jeff and his team enough for the successful outcome of my case. Thank God there is people in this world like Jeff.

First of alI, I would highly recommend this firm. I was involved in an accident where a large vehicle ran me off the road, and the other vehicle fled the scene. I ended up hitting a stone wall due to this vehicle, and my passanger and I were seriously injured and taken by ambulance to the local hospital. My insurance company, Commerce Ins, denined my claim stating that I was at fault, and that i had to pay my property damage deductible. when Jeffrey Glassman's office took over the case, I got my deductible back, my medical bills were paid, and the office brought my case to an arbitration (sp?) and I was awarded the maximum settlement amount from my own Insurance company. (I had no idea I could get a settlement from my own Ins. company when another driver was at fault, but who had fled the scene). Every time I called the office I was able to get through to who I needed to talk to, or I received a call back with in 15 minutes. I am beyond pleased with the service I received from Jeffrey Glassman's office, and will recommend this Firm to anyone I know who is injured in an accident.

i love this office!!! everyone i talked to there knew everything they were talking about and it was so much easier than i thought it would be dealing with lawyers!! this office really made me feel special and that they took so much attention on me!! after my car accident they were the first people to ask me if they could help me!! i will be referring this group to anyone i know!!

I am forever indebted to Attorney Glassman and his associates for their persistence, diligence, and patience in settling my case. I will definitely recommend and sing my praise to anyone who needs an attorney, and will always remember the loving kindness you showed me--for this I thank you, and my kids thank you.

Thank you all so very much for all your hard work for me. Thank you for being patient with me, since I pretty much know (and you can all attest to) it is not one of my greater virtues. Everyone kept me and the Mrs. in the loop and that says a lot since many others would have brushed me off.

Jeffrey, you're a credit to your family....and profession. You'll never know how much I appreciate your kindness.

Thank you for always being so sweet and nice. You were wonderful to me and my family.

Your hard work on my mom's case has been greatly appreciated. Thank you again for all you did.

Thank you for all your assistance and help. You will be in my thoughts always.

Thank you so much for sending along my settlement check. I never dreamed it would be this large. You and your staff are amazing. God Bless.

Jeff, I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate your persistence. You really went the distance for me. I will never be the same again after the accident, but the settlement you were able to get me will certainly make a difference in the quality of my life. Thanks again to you and your staff for putting up with me and supporting me.

You are the BEST! Thank you so much for your support and kindness. I will never forget you.

When other attorneys turned me away, your door was open and you listened. Thank you so much for your support and help.

Justice did prevail. My heartfelt thanks to you and your staff for your support and kindness. You guys are amazing.

Jeff - Thank you so very much. You and your staff held my hand every step of the way. You were sensitive to my needs and so very caring. God bless you and keep you.