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Within the city of Boston, there were a total of 1,659 premature deaths in 2009. This means there were 359.5 premature deaths per 100,000 people living in the Boston area, according to Mass.gov.

Premature deaths frequently happen as a direct result of negligence or wrongdoing. If this occurs, the person or the company whose actions led to the death can be held legally accountable to the victim’s family members. Those who cause injury and whose victims survive the incident are also held accountable. When a person is hurt but not killed, he can make an injury claim to be “made whole” and have both economic and non-financial losses covered. An East Boston personal injury lawyer at Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers can help to pursue a damage claim in court or through the negotiation of a settlement.

East Boston Residents Face Risks

East Boston is a neighborhood with a rich history. As the home of the first branch library in the nation, East Boston has been a cultural and educational epicenter. It was also a major shipbuilding hub and, today, is the home of Logan Airport, which facilitates air travel to and from destinations worldwide. The mix of old and new housing and ethnic restaurants supported by the large immigrant population in the area make East Boston a fun place to visit and an attractive place to live. Waterfront views of the Boston skyline also make areas of East Boston a desirable place for luxury living.

Unfortunately, both residents and visitors to East Boston face the risk of getting hurt. Statewide, 2,820 deaths in Massachusetts in 2008 occurred because victims suffered an injury that turned out to be fatal. Mass.gov attributes 31 percent of all deaths of state residents between age 1 and 44 to unintentional injuries. Most of these injuries — 72 percent— occurred unintentionally because of collisions, fires, poisonings, falls or other related causes. Falls were the second leading reason for deaths due to injury, and motor vehicle collisions were the third leading cause of accident death due to injury in 2008 and the fourth-leading cause in 2009.

In Boston alone, 13 fatal accidents occurred in 2011 involving 16 vehicles and 22 people. There were 13 deaths in these crashes, including three pedestrian fatalities. Four of the collisions involved an intoxicated motorist according to City Data.

East Boston Residents Have Rights

When an injury occurs, it can have a permanent impact on your life and a devastating impact on your finances. For example, the Mayo Clinic reports that falls cause more than 25 percent of new cases of spinal cord injury annually, while vehicle accidents cause 40 percent of new injuries to the spine each year. Living with a spinal cord injury can cost as much as $1,023,924 on average during the first year and $171,808 each subsequent year according to the Christopher Reeve Foundation.

Victims and their families should be compensated by those responsible, whether that is a negligent nursing home, a careless property owner, a manufacturer of defective products or medical devices, or a careless driver. An attorney can help those who have been hurt to understand their rights and pursue their damage claims.

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