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In 2009, 398 people suffered premature death in Fall River. According to Mass.gov, the number of premature deaths had fallen in the area to 361 by 2009. Most of that decline occurred because of improvements in disease treatment and early detection of illness, while fatalities due to unintentional injuries have remained one of the top causes of premature fatalities.

Unintentional injuries commonly result from negligence, wrongdoing or a failure of a person or company to fulfill a legal obligation. Those who lose loved ones due to unintentional injury caused by negligence may pursue a claim for compensation. Injured victims harmed by carelessness who survive their injuries may also pursue a personal injury claim. A Fall River personal injury lawyer at Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers can help with injury and wrongful death claims.

Fall River Injury Risks

Fall River, Massachusetts is the 10th largest city in the state, with a population of 88,857 as of the 2010 census. Fall River is known for a Fourth of July fireworks display in Heritage State Park and Battleship Cove. The city host numerous ethnic festivals annually, including the Great Holy Ghost Festival, which draws crowds of more than 200,000 people from many countries. The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth also has two branches located within Fall River, drawing a large student population.

Because of its convenient location on Mount Hope Bay and the Taunton River, many people travel south from Taunton, Middleboro, and Sommerset or trek north from Westport and Smith Mills to participate in water sports and leisure activities in Fall River.

Unfortunately, both residents and visitors are at risk of getting hurt in the Fall River area. Southcoast Charlton Memorial Hospital is located in Fall River, Massachusetts and provides medical services to injury victims. A total of 183,541 people visited this 743 bed facility over the course of the year. According to US News Health, a total of 38,303 people were admitted to the Fall River hospital. Many of the victims admitted for care were victims of injuries, and some of those admitted lost their lives due to the injuries they sustained.

The Southcoast Community Health Needs Assessment listed Fall River as one of the areas in Massachusetts where people are most likely to experience a premature death. For those who die before aged 75, injury is a leading cause of their premature mortality.

Mass.gov reports a total of 2,820 deaths in the state as a result of injury in 2008. Unintentional injuries caused 31 percent of deaths among state residents under aged 44 and injuries were the leading cause of death among this age group. A full 72 percent of the deaths due to injury happened unintentionally or because of accidents. Poisonings were the leading cause of injury, followed by falls. Fall-related fatalities have increased an average of 18 percent every year since 2004 and most happen among seniors aged 65 and up. Motor vehicle fatalities, on the other hand, have declined and now account for just 13-percent of accidental injury deaths.

Within Fall River alone, City Data reports that four fatal motor vehicle collisions occurred in 2011 involving a total of six vehicles and seven motorists. Five of the people involved in the collisions died, including a pedestrian. Drunk driving played a role in just one of the deadly crashes.

Fall River Injury Victims Have Rights

Victims of collisions, falls, defective products, and other causes of unintentional injury may obtain compensation from those who were to blame for the harm they endured. An experienced Fall River injury lawyer can help to take legal action to negotiate an out-of-court settlement or win compensation in trial.

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