History of Success

We Have Recovered Millions of Dollars for our Clients

Since 1991, I have relentlessly worked towards reaching successful resolutions for over 25,000 injured victims.

We have achieved successful bench trial awards, jury verdict awards, arbitration awards, mediation resolutions, and settlement agreements. In many cases, we will engage highly qualified experts and even partner with law firms practicing in highly specific areas in order to achieve the best optimal result for our client. Below is a small sample of these results.

Over 20 Million Dollars – For Women sustaining Transvaginal Mesh Complications.
$10,000,000 + – Asbestos Settlements *
$9.020,000 – Medical Malpractice claim for baby who acquired cerebral palsy during a medical procedure.
$8,350,000 – Defective birth control device
$7,200,000 – Union Construction Worker accident causing serious injuries.
$3,800,000 – Motorcycle accident causing catastrophic injuries.
$3,250,000 – Child sustained traumatic injuries due to an auto accident and product liability issues.
$3,000,000 – Asbestos Workers Compensation Settlements
Over $2,750,000 – Client injured by defective product.
$2,500,000 – Injured Bicyclist
$2,350,000 – Man injured at construction site.
$2,000,000 – Wrongful Death of a passenger in an auto accident.
$2,000,000 – Driver rear ended causing traumatic brain injury. Previous offer by insurance company was $50,000 and we chose to litigate the case which resulted in a jury verdict of over 1.9 Million including interest. Case then settled for 2 Million.
$1,800,000 – Nursing Malpractice case.
$1,750,000 – Pedestrian stuck by a truck
$1,500,000 – Hazing incident causing multiple injuries.
$1,500,000 – Workers Compensation Case.
$1,500,000 – Passenger sustained multiple injuries in an accident.
$1,500,000 – Auto accident*
$1,400,000 – Mesothelioma case*
$1,250,000 – Child injured in an auto accident.
$1,025,000 – Man injured in auto accident sustaining multiple injuries.
$750,000 – Pedestrian Struck and Killed by Drunk Driver.
$750,000 – Passenger not properly secured in a disability van.
$655,000 – Slip and Fall on Unnatural Accumulation of Snow and Ice.
$500,000 – Slip and Fall Accident.
$425,000 – Person injured in a rear end accident.
$415,000 – Man’s arm caught in train door and dragged.
$400,000 – Slip and Fell at Work.
$400,000 – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder caused from auto accident.
$375,000 – Scooter Accident.
$350,000 – Person injured when bar stool collapsed.
$341,820 – Knee injury sustained after rear end accident –only $5,000 in medical bills–
$300,000 – Slip and Fall on Snow and Ice.
$290,000 – Pedestrian struck by car.
$260,000 – Auto Accident.
$250,000 – Nursing Home patient sustained hip injury after not being properly secured.
$250,000 – Multiple injuries sustained injured in auto accident.
$250,000 – Pedestrian sustained injured in auto accident.
$200,000 – Person injured falling off roof.
$195,000 – Person slipped and fell on foreign substance in bakery.
$175,000 – Fractured rib sustained in auto accident.
$156,431 – Sports injury, high school football player improperly matched against pier.
$150,000 – Slip and fall in a grocery store, no warning signs.
$150,000 – Person burned in house fire.
$130,000 – Person having a picnic lunch when jet ski ran aground striking client.
$125,000 – Person injured when automatic chair broke.
$125,000 – Hip injury sustained in slip and fall on snow and ice.
$125,000 – Slip and fall on unnatural snow and ice.
$100,000 – Sexual harassment case.
$95,000 – Slip and fall on water in a building lobby.
$95,000 – Person injured in house fire.
$75,000 – For child who slipped and fell and incurred $1,100 in medical bills.
$60,000 – Food poisoning from wedding cake.

Settlements for Injured people who did not believe they had a claim.

$250,000 – for injured pedestrian whereby the police report indicated our client walked out into a front of a moving vehicle intentionally. After months of extensive investigation, the facts as reported were inaccurate. Case was rejected by 2 lawyers before client came to our firm.

$100,000.00 for injured person in auto accident whereby police report indicated client was at fault. After substantial research and investigation, it was determined the police report was incorrect.

$25,000.00 – for injured person who slipped and fell due to defect while intoxicated. Intoxication did not cause fall.

$20,000.00 – for injured child who walked out in between two cars.

$100,000.00 – for injured person who was intentionally hit by the defendant.

* Cases worked by our law firm and in conjunction with a partnering law firm.

Disclaimer – The settlements above are only a sample of cases represented by our office. Each case is different and the amount of a potential resolution of your case will vary considerably depending on a substantial amount of factors. Some case results were worked in conjunction with partnering law firms.

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Choosing Jeffrey Glassman law firm was the best decision I could ever have made. They treated me with complete respect and made me feel protected. Kate Y, Google User
I am so happy that I decided to sign on with Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers. This law firm met all my expectations and more, I would highly recommend them. Anne Nadeau, Google User
I am very happy with the services they provide. Although I hate that I have been in pain since the accident I am very grateful I had someone working so diligently on my side. With so many firms in the area, it's hard to know which one to choose; this is a firm that will definitely put 110% into your case! Julie Tran, Google User
Jeffrey Glassman and his associates were great. They were with me from the beginning to the end and kept me informed throughout the process. I would recommend this law firm. Ann S, Yelp User
I used Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers for a painful and frustrating worker's comp case and had an absolutely fantastic experience. They were attentive, professional, knowledgeable, transparent, and genuinely caring. I can't recommend them highly enough. Anna K, Yelp User