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According to, vehicle accidents were the third-leading cause of death from unintentional injuries in 2008, and the fourth leading cause in 2009. Falls are the second leading cause of fatalities, and seniors aged 65 and up are more likely than any other age group to die as a result of a fall. A total of 2,820 people were killed in Massachusetts in 2008 because of injuries -- and injuries were the cause of 31 percent of all deaths among state residents between the ages of one and 44. Within this age group, unintentional injuries are actually the leading cause of death.

Each year, some of these injuries and deaths occur in Bridgewater, which is home to about 36,600 residents. Located close to both Boston, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island, Bridgwater attracts students to Bridgewater State University and professionals to its thriving healthcare industry. Unfortunately, both residents and locals alike are at risk of getting hurt or killed due to negligence. When an accident occurs, victims should consult with a Bridgewater personal injury lawyer for help.

Types of Personal Injury in Bridgwater, MA

Bridgewater is in Plymouth County and is ranked 99th out of 352 Massachusetts communities in terms of land area. Bridgewater is sometimes considered to be a suburb of Brockton, and it lies along the Taunton River. There is a town forest as well as several conservation areas that people enjoy visiting. Bridgewater Triangle is also a novelty for those who come to the area, as the triangle is known for UFO sightings, Bigfoot sightings and other mysterious happenings.

While Bigfoot and UFO’s may not be a real concern for locals or those passing through town, there are some very real risks in Bridgewater. For example, in both 2008 and 2010, two people died each year in deadly motor vehicle collisions in Bridgewater, according to City Data. Furthermore, Bridgewater State Hospital settled a $3 million wrongful death case after the death of a patient in 2009 according to the Boston Globe. Restrains are used at a dramatically-higher rate in this facility as compared with any other state hospital in Massachusetts.

Motor vehicle accidents and medical malpractice are just two possible causes of injuries or fatalities within the Bridgewater area. Other possible causes of injury include dangerous drugs; defective medical devices; poorly maintained property; negligent security; and dog attacks.

A Bridgewater Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

Motor vehicle collisions and other top causes of injury could leave some victims with permanent disabilities. For example, according to the National Institutes of Health, as many as 52 percent of people who experience a brain injury and survive will remain at least moderately disabled one year after the incident. Many are severely disabled and never fully recover.

When an injury occurs, victims or surviving family members need to understand the full extent of damages so they can pursue a claim for compensation. Cost of a brain injury may exceed $3 million according to Research America., but there are other costly injuries as well, such as spinal cord damage. A death can also leave struggling family members without the support the deceased once provided. Those responsible for the injury or death should cover the costs; an attorney can help to make a damage claim.

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