Quincy Car Accident Lawyer

In Quincy, Massachusetts, there were six fatal motor vehicle collisions in 2011, which was a significant increase from the two deadly crashes that occurred over the course of 2010. A total of 13 people were involved in the 2011 accidents, including two pedestrians. Just one of the collisions was caused by an impaired driver according to City Data.

Motor vehicle collisions are the cause of 13-percent of injury-related deaths in the state of Massachusetts, according to Mass.gov. Motorists in passenger vehicles, as well as pedestrians and bicycle riders, are at risk of getting hurt on Quincy roads. When an accident occurs, victims should consult with an experienced Quincy car accident lawyer for help pursuing a claim for damages. Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers can help you negotiate with an insurer or go to court to obtain compensation for losses.

Quincy Roads Put Motorists at Risk

Quincy is located within Norfolk County, Massachusetts. The city was named after Colonel John Quincy and was settled in 1625. The first commercial railroad in the United States was constructed in Quincy in 1826 in order to carry granite from a Quincy quarry to Milton. Granite from Quincy became famous nationwide.

Quincy is bordered by Boston to the North, as well as by Milton, Weymouth, and Hull. Quincy Bay is a part of Massachusetts Bay and Boston Harbor, and Quincy is a popular tourist destination because it has a very large state park, Blue Hills Reservation, which takes up 23 percent of the city’s land mass.

Quincy has easy access to state highways and the Interstate system due to its close proximity to Boston. Interstate 93 and U.S. Route 1 travel through Quincy, as does Route 3A, Route 28, the Blue Hills Parkway, and Furnace Brook Parkway.

Despite ready access to the “T,” many roads in Quincy have high volumes of traffic. Activists have urged the construction of more than 23 miles of bike lanes for riders as well as efforts to improve safety for pedestrians on Quincy roads. Hancock Street, Adams Street, and Franklin Street are all thoroughfares that the Boston Globe reports will be undergoing significant changes in order to become more bike-friendly. With 15 bicycle riders losing their lives in Massachusetts in 2012 according to Mass.gov, making efforts to protect all motorists on the road is increasingly important for saving lives.

Quincy Car Accident Victims Have Rights

When a motor vehicle collision occurs, victims may pursue a claim to recover monetary compensation for losses resulting from the crash. Massachusetts is a no-fault state, which means drivers may pursue a claim for compensation any time another driver was responsible for causing their crash to occur. Massachusetts is also a modified comparative fault state, which means that a plaintiff may pursue a claim for accident compensation as long as the other driver was 51 percent or more at fault.

A car accident lawyer can assist victims in determining who was to blame for a crash and in pursuing a damage claim to recover monetary compensation.

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