New Bedford, Massachusetts

Accidents are often the result of negligent actions. When a company, an individual, or a government agency fails to fulfill an obligation, any victims hurt as a result of that failure have legal rights. However, to make a claim for compensation against those accountable for accidents and injuries, victims need to be proactive in asserting their damage claim.

The New Bedford injury attorneys at Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers offer victims of accidents our unwavering commitment and dedicated service for as long as it takes to fight for fair compensation after an accident. Our negotiation skills can help make out-of-court settlements possible and our decades of litigation experience are invaluable in the court room as we stand up for your rights. To learn more about how we can help when an injury causes harm to your health or the loss of a loved one, give us a call today.

New Bedford Accident Lawyers

New Bedford is located in one of the southern most portions of Massachusetts. It is a short drive from the inland towns of Fall River, Somerset, Attleboro, and Taunton and is located almost 60 miles due south of Boston. Among its may claims to fame, New Bedford helped to inspire a great literary masterpiece: Herman Melville’s Novel, “Moby Dick” was inspired by the author’s experiences on a trip that started at the New Bedford Port in 1841.

First settled in 1640, New Bedford was not incorporated until 1787. The first post office was established in New Bedford on June 12, 1792 and New Bedford’s first newspaper, The Medley, began in 1792. In 1847, when New Bedford was re-incorporated as a city, the citizens elected the city’s first mayor: Abraham Hathaway Howland.

Today, New Bedford is the sixth-largest city in Massachusetts and is located within Bristol County. Along with Taunton and Fall River, New Bedford is one of the three largest municipalities that are part of the South Coast region of the state of Massachusetts.

As a large city, accidents unfortunately happen every day in New Bedford. These accidents include not just motor vehicle crashes but also slip and falls, injuries from property defects, and injuries that result when unsafe products are sold to consumers. After an injury, it is important for victims to assess whether they may have an accident claim.

The New Bedford personal injury and wrongful death attorneys at Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers represent victims dealing with all types of serious and fatal accident and injury cases including:

  • Construction Accidents
  • Slip & Fall
  • Swimming Pool Accidents
  • Parasail Accidents
  • Boating Accidents
  • Child Injury
  • Defective Products
  • Work Related Injuries

We offer free consultations and can help you to determine if there is anyone you can recover damages from when you have been hurt.

How a New Bedford Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You

New Bedford injury victims can seek medical help at three hospitals that are part of the Southcoast Hospitals Group, including St. Luke’s Hospital. New Bedford Rehabilitation Hospital is also an acute care hospital providing rehabilitation services to people with serious injuries.

Getting medical treatment can be expensive, but the costs of care that you need should be fully covered by those responsible for hurting you. If you require ongoing medical assistance after your injury case is resolved, you should be compensated for this future care you require as well.

A New Bedford personal injury lawyer at Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers will help you not only to fight for coverage for medical costs but also to seek compensation for all economic and compensatory damages that result from your accident. To get your claim started, give us a call today.

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