Taunton Workers' Compensation

In Taunton, Norton and Raynham Massachusetts, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 64,100 people in the civilian labor force as of July 2014. An estimated 29.54 percent of the workforce in Taunton is employed in sales, office or administrative support positions. Another 14 percent of workers are employed in production, transportation, and material moving and 11 percent of employees in Taunton have management, business or finance positions.

Workers in these and other fields face the risk of getting hurt or losing their lives as a result of on-the-job injuries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics identified 4,405 work deaths over the course of 2013, with many fatalities resulting from falls, crushing injuries and electrocutions. Many other workers were injured due to work but survived, sometimes with permanent health problems. Those who lose loved ones or individuals who are hurt and who can no longer work could face serious financial hardship. The laws in Massachusetts provide for workers’ compensation benefits and a Taunton workers’ compensation attorney should be consulted for help getting the benefits you need.

Taunton Workers Face Injury Risks

Taunton is located 40 miles to the south of Boston, as well as 18 miles to the east of Providence. It is north of both Fall River and New Bedford and West of Plymouth. The city is sitting on the Taunton River, which leads to Mount Hope Bay, and it is the county seat of Bristol County. There were 55,874 people living in Taunton as of the 2010 census.

Taunton has the distinction of being one of the oldest towns in the country. Its nickname was once Silver City because of the rich role it played in the silver industry. Both the silver industry and the ship-building industry formed the basis of the economy in Taunton for a long time. However, as the city evolved, Taunton has now become a hub of electronic manufacturing as well as the location of numerous manufacturers of semiconductors and silicon.

Workers in high-tech manufacturing, as well as employees in any job through Taunton, deserve to be treated reasonably by employers. This means employers must ensure they are doing what they can to reduce the risk of injury, including complying with regulations set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Unfortunately, some employers do not live up to their responsibilities to workers.

For example, one employer was cited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for failure to properly train employees in shutting down machines. The citation was issued after a Taunton worker was killed in an accident while cleaning machinery.

A Taunton Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Can Help

Unlike a personal injury or wrongful death claim, you don’t have to show your employer violated OSHA or did anything wrong in order to get benefits through workers’ comp. You should be covered as long as you can prove the injury was related to work tasks. Workers’ compensation is an exclusive remedy system, which means you can’t generally can’t sue your employer if you get hurt because of work -- you must make a workers’ compensation claim to get medical bills covered and disability benefits. Be sure you do everything you can to make your claim so you aren’t left without compensation after a traffic incident.

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