Taunton Car Accidents

In Taunton, Massachusetts, a total of eight people were involved in four fatal motor vehicle collisions over the course of 2011. According to City Data, the deadly crashes resulted in three people in the city of Taunton losing their lives. Two pedestrians were involved in the deadly crashes in the city. In 2010, there were a total of 14 people involved in five fatal motor vehicle collisions in Taunton. Over the course of this year, a total of six people lost their lives. One of the fatal crashes was caused by an impaired driver and one involved a pedestrian.

After a motor vehicle crash, a Taunton car accident lawyer can represent family members of people killed in the collision. Family members can make a wrongful death claim to recover for lost companionship, loss of the deceased’s income, funeral expenses and medical bills. If the victim of a car crash survives, he may also make a personal injury claim for medical bills as well as for other losses, including missed work and pain endured. Call the Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers today to learn more.

Taunton Car Accident Risks

Taunton is in Bristol County, MA. It is the county seat and had a population of 55,874 as of the most recent census in 2010. Taunton is 18 miles east of Providence, 40 miles south of Boston and close to Plymouth, Fall River and New Bedford. As the central highway hub of Massachusetts, many major highways intersect in Taunton, including US 44 and MA 138 and 140. High-traffic highways are an area where many collisions occur, although accidents can also happen on local roads.

Two intersections in Taunton were named among the most dangerous intersections in southeastern Massachusetts. The rankings were based on collision data from 2006 to 2008. According to the Taunton Gazette, the dangerous intersections included:

  • Hart Street and County Street, where almost 60 motor vehicle collisions happened.
  • Broadway and East Britannia Street, where an estimated 42 collisions occurred.

Around a quarter of all of the collisions at both of these dangerous intersections occurred because drivers ran red lights. From 2007 to 2010, accidents resulting from motorists running red lights have more than doubled in Taunton and 26 other cities and towns in Southeastern Massachusetts.

Accidents at these and other locations are, unfortunately, far too common. Death reports for Massachusetts in 2008 revealed that motor vehicle collisions caused 13 percent of fatalities due to accidental injury. The following year’s data revealed collisions as the fourth leading cause of premature death due to unintentional injury. In total, 66 percent of the unintentional deaths in crashes were drivers or passengers in vehicles; 18 percent were pedestrians and 15 percent were motorcyclists.

Getting Help From a Taunton Car Accident Lawyer

The Taunton Police Department responds to motor vehicle collisions and prepares reports regarding the likely cause of the collision. A copy of the accident report is available for the price of $5. Police officers may also conduct Accident Reconstruction, which can take more than a month and which can include department photographs. Accident reconstruction is a more in-depth investigation into collisions that cause serious injuries or fatalities. Accident Reconstruction reports are available for purchase for $75 and there is an additional cost of $50 per 24 photographs.

Your attorney can help you to obtain police reports and other evidence you need to prove fault in a car accident claim so you can recover compensation for losses.

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