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According to a recent study by Allstate, Springfield, Massachusetts, is one of the worst cities in America to drive.

In the study, Allstate analyzed driving data from the nation's 200 largest cities and found that drivers in Boston, Springfield, and Worcester were among the worst. To get its rankings, the insurer looked at the average rate of collisions and the number of hard brakes in each city compared to the national average. Springfield came in at 194 out of 200 cities.

So, what does this mean if you find yourself traveling Springfield's roadways? The bottom line is that drivers in this area are more likely to be involved in a car crash than drivers in other Massachusetts cities. When a collision does occur, accident victims are at risk of suffering severe or even fatal injuries.

Car Accident Risks in Springfield, MA

Located in western New England near Agawam, West Springfield, Chicopee, and Longmeadow, Springfield has a population of 156,000 and is the third-largest city in Massachusetts. The city is known for its Victorian residential architecture and its proximity to Hartford, Connecticut. In 1891, James Naismith invented basketball in Springfield, which is why one of Springfield's nicknames is "Hoop City."

Springfield is also known as the "economic center" of western Massachusetts because it has a large concentration of retail, manufacturing, and banking businesses and is home to MassMutual Financial Group, the largest Fortune 100 Company in the state. In addition, there are 25 colleges and universities in the Springfield area and several hospitals.

Several rail lines and Interstate Highways run through Springfield, including I-90 (the Massachusetts Turnpike), I-91, and its offshoot, I-291. Truck drivers often use these roadways to transport goods to Boston, New York City, Connecticut, Vermont, and other destinations. Truck drivers who speed, drive when tired, or fail to check their blind spots before passing, can cause deadly accidents in Springfield.

The large number of people working, living, and attending school in the Springfield area results in high volumes of traffic that can make the roads dangerous and increase the risk of car and truck accidents. According to state data, from 2019 to 2021, there were nearly 13,000 motor vehicle crashes in Springfield, including 48 fatal injury crashes and 210 serious injury crashes. Of those collisions, 310 involved pedestrians, 153 involved bicyclists, and 254 involved motorcyclists. Crashes involving older and younger, less experienced drivers accounted for approximately 3,500 accidents.

Most Dangerous Intersections in Springfield

About 50% of all accidents happen at intersections where drivers must navigate traffic lights or traffic signs and execute turns. When drivers fail to yield the right of way or engage in dangerous driving behaviors such as speeding, driving while intoxicated, or texting while driving, accidents happen.

These intersections are considered some of the most dangerous intersections in Springfield:

  1. Saint James Avenue and Tapley Street
  2. State Street and Bay Street
  3. Roosevelt Avenue and Bay Street
  4. East Columbus Avenue and Ramp-E Columbus Avenue (Union Street) to Route 91
  5. Saint James Avenue and Saint James Boulevard
  6. Boston Road and Spring Street
  7. Sumner Avenue and Belmont Avenue
  8. Boston Road and Saint James Avenue
  9. Page Boulevard and Roosevelt Avenue
  10. Walnut Street and Union Street

In a 2020 report, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation's Highway Division also singled out these Springfield intersections as crash-prone:

  • Main Street and Plainfield Street (39 crashes, including 22 fatal and injury crashes)
  • Armory Circle and Armory Street (46 crashes, including 19 fatal and injury crashes)
  • Magazine Street and Lincoln Street (32 crashes, including 18 fatal and injury crashes)
  • Boston Road and Bay Street (34 crashes, including 17 fatal and injury crashes)

MassDOT researchers looked at both the number and severity of crashes in ranking the intersections. As a result, six Springfield intersections landed on the list of the 50 most dangerous intersections in the state.

Intersections that tend to be hazardous to motorists and other road users are those with flashing or blinking traffic lights, high-speed traffic, roundabouts, or poor sightlines.

How to Request an Accident Report in Springfield

If you have been involved in a traffic accident in Springfield or any other city, you should wait for a police officer to arrive and write an accident report. An accident report can be crucial evidence in any car accident claim.

The Springfield Police Department Clerk's Office handles traffic accident reports. To request a copy, you can contact the clerk's office at (413) 787-6310 or by e-mail at Clerks-Office@SpringfieldPolice.net.

In addition to an accident report, witness statements and photos of the accident scene can help prove that the accident happened the way you say it did.

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Accidents in Springfield

Q: What is the most dangerous intersection in Springfield?

A: The most dangerous intersection in Springfield is at Main Street and Plainfield Street. According to a 2020 MassDOT report, there were 39 crashes, including 22 fatal and injury crashes, at this site from 2015 to 2017. (According to the report, the second most dangerous intersection is at Saint James Avenue and Saint James Boulevard, where there were 41 crashes, including 21 fatal and injury crashes.)

Q: What can drivers in Springfield do to lower their risk of being in a car accident?

A: According to the Springfield Police Department, drivers in Springfield can lower their risk of being in a car accident by slowing down.. In.ddition, the department advised that drivers wear their seat belts and put away their cell phones when they are behind the wheel.

Q: What is the most dangerous street in Springfield for pedestrians?

A: The most dangerous street in Springfield for pedestrians is State Street, a four-lane arterial road. In 2021, four of the city's nine pedestrian deaths occurred on State Street.

According to WalkBoston, Springfield is more dangerous than other Massachusetts cities for pedestrians. They reported that nine out of 75 pedestrian deaths in 2021 occurred in Springfield.

Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers Can Help With a Springfield Car Accident

Car accidents in Springfield run the gamut from read-end crashes to head-on crashes to sideswipe collisions. Motorists who engage in risky driving behaviors or ignore Massachusetts traffic laws are likely to cause serious motor vehicle accidents.

When drivers are careless or reckless, and cause car wrecks, accident victims must take legal action as soon as practicable to protect their rights and optimize their chance of recovery. Any delays may result in a lost opportunity to recover the money you deserve for your injuries and damages.

Our car accident lawyers have an established record of winning complex car accident cases in Springfield, including hit-and-run accidents, truck accidents, multi-car accidents (chain reactions), texting-while-driving accidents, and drunkdrunk-drivingdents. In addition to helping injured motorists, we also represent pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists hurt in car crashes in the Springfield area.

Negligent drivers responsible for causing a crash should be held liable and their insurance should compensate victims for their damages, including their medical bills, loss of income, and pain and suffering.

Family members of those killed in fatal car accidents may be able to make a wrongful death claim. Plaintiffs seeking compensation must prove the defendant was negligent or failed to exercise reasonable care behind the wheel.

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