Lynn Car Accident

Lynn Massachusetts had seven local intersections on the MA Department of Transportations list of the 200 most dangerous intersections. Drivers at these intersections faced a significantly increased risk of becoming involved in a motor vehicle collision.

Unfortunately, an accident can happen anywhere at any time. Collisions generally occur because one or more drivers fail to follow the rules of the road or behaves in an unreasonably careless way. When this happens, an experienced Lynn car accident lawyer should be consulted to help victims or their family members. Compensation may be available to victims after a collision, but it is up to those who have been harmed to take the right legal steps and make their case. Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers is here to provide the help you need with your car accident claim.

Lynn Drivers Face Risks

Lynn, MA’s dangerous intersections included:

  • Western Avenue and Franklin Street, which was the 29th most dangerous intersection.
  • Western Avenue and Washington Street, which was the 53rd most dangerous intersection.
  • Western Street at Chestnut Street, which was the 56th most dangerous intersection.
  • Essex Street at Chestnut, which was the 87th most dangerous intersection.
  • Essex Street at Joyce Street, which was the 168th most dangerous intersection.
  • Western Street at Cleveland Street, which was the 199th most dangerous, tied with Market Street at Broad Street.

Many factors have contributed to making these intersections high-risk areas for motorists to travel. High traffic volume, combined with traffic lights and aggressive drivers, create most of the issues along Western Avenue. Drivers making unsafe turns is also a problem at several of the dangerous locations throughout Lynn.

While local authorities responsible for road design can be held accountable if the authorities are considered negligent in creating an unsafe intersection, most often it is decisions of other motorists that make crashes especially likely to occur.

Lynn Drivers Have Rights

Lynn’s roads are well-traveled because of the proximity of Lynn to major cities throughout Massachusetts. Lynn is just 10 miles from downtown Boston and is close to Salem, Cape Ann, Nahant, Lynnfield, Saugus, Revere, and Peabody. There are no full highways in Lynn, but Route 1A, Route 107, Route 129 and Route 129A all pass through the city. Drivers on local roads as well as major thoroughfares must obey the rules of the road and exercise caution to reduce the risk of Lynn collisions.

In 2011, there were two deaths in Lynn traffic accidents. A total of five people and four vehicles were involved in the collisions. City Data also reports that there are four deaths in Lynn collisions in 2010. The deadly crashes over the course of that year involved 13 people and nine vehicles.

When a motor vehicle collision occurs, determining the cause is key. Drivers should contact the Lynn Police for help after a crash. Calling 911 is advisable if the accident has resulted in serious injuries. An alternate emergency number is also available at 781-592-7893 or drivers can call to report non-emergency accidents by calling the Lynn PD main number at 781-595-2000.

Evidence from the crash scene, including police reports, can be used to prove who was to blame. The crash victim may take legal action to recover compensation for losses from the person or entity responsible for the crash.

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