Framingham Traffic Accidents

In 2011, there were seven vehicles involved in fatal collisions in Framingham, MA. A total of six fatal accidents occurred citywide over the course of that year, including two crashes caused by impaired drivers. There were 13 people involved in the deadly crashes and six people died, including three pedestrians according to City Data. Unfortunately, this means there were a higher number of fatalities over the course of that year than in 2010. Five fatal accidents involving six people and six vehicles occurred in 2010. A total of five people died over the course of that year in crashes, including three pedestrians.

When motor vehicle collisions are deadly, family members of victims may be able to make a wrongful death claim if someone was to blame for the crash. If the victim survives an accident but is left injured, Massachusetts law allows for a personal injury claim to be made to recover compensation for losses. A Framingham car accident lawyer can help those who have experienced harm to take legal action and sue or negotiate a settlement. Call the Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers today to learn more.

Framingham Drivers Face Risks

Framingham is a city in Middlesex County with a population of 63,318 people as of the 2010 Census. Framingham is close to Boston, Worcester, Wayland, Natick, Marlborough, Ashland, and Sudbury. It has a vibrant retail community, as well as a great deal of office space and small manufacturing facilities throughout the city. Framingham was named as one of the top places in the U.S. to live according to Money Magazine in 2012.

Framingham is served by four state highways as well as Interstate 9. The state highways include Route 9, Route 30, Route 126 and Route 135. There is mass transit service available to Framingham, but major roadways can still become packed with traffic, putting drivers at risk of a serious or deadly crash.

Collisions are the fourth leading cause of death due to accidental injury, and collisions resulted in the death of not just motor vehicle occupants but also pedestrians and motorcycle riders. An estimated 18 percent of unintentional deaths in collisions resulted in a pedestrian being killed. A total of 15 percent of the unintentional deaths due to motor vehicle accidents were motorcycle riders and reports that the remaining 66 percent were drivers or passengers in vehicles.

Accidents can be reduced with careful road engineering and if drivers follow the rules of the road. One of the biggest issues is speeding. Framingham Traffic-Safety Division establishes speed controls by considering average road speeds. The 50th percentile speed is the speed on a given road than 50 percent of vehicles are not exceeding. The 85th percentile speed of cars passing a given point is the speed at which 85 percent of vehicles passing that point are traveling.

Past research has shown that the safest cars generally travel at or below the 85th to 90th percentiles. Drivers within these percentile groups tend to have “above average skill and competence.” Drivers going faster than this are generally considered aggressive and have an increased risk of collisions. Surprisingly, for drivers going at the 50th percentile, the crash risk is greater than drivers going at the 85th percentile. For motorists below the 30th percentile, the risk is significantly greater because these speeds tend to be less skilled and less competent drivers.

Framingham Drivers Have Legal Rights

When a collision occurs because of a speeding driver or as a result of any type of careless behavior, those responsible for the crash can be held accountable. An attorney can help victims to pursue a damage claim after a collision has occurred.

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