Revere Car Accidents

In 2012, there were a total of 349 motor vehicle deaths in Massachusetts. Another 4,384 people were seriously hurt in collisions, according to the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security in Massachusetts. Revere, located in Suffolk County Massachusetts, was the site of some of these deadly collisions and crashes leading to serious injury. 

After an accident, victims of a collision or survivors who lost a family member must understand how Massachusetts’ laws protect them. Laws allow victims to pursue a claim for compensation whenever another driver broke the rules of the road or was unreasonably careless. Massachusetts injury laws also make it possible for victims to sue car manufacturers if a vehicle was defective or to sue agencies responsible for road maintenance if a street was poorly maintained. Victims should consult with a Revere car accident lawyer at the Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers for help pursuing a claim for damages.

Revere Roads are Dangerous for Drivers

Located five miles from downtown Boston and convenient to East Boston, Everett and Lynn, Revere is a popular and populous city. Revere is the home to the first public beach in the United States and today the city has a population of more than 51,755 inhabitants. The city attracts visitors to the beach, as well as to other attractions like the Wonderland Greyhound Park. U.S. Route 1, state highways 1A, 16, 60, 107 and 145 all provide easy access to Revere and are used by residents and visitors alike.

Unfortunately, drivers on Revere roads face the risk of getting hurt or killed. In 2008 in Massachusetts, a reported 72 percent of deaths occurred statewide because of unintentional injury. Of these injury-related fatalities, 13 percent were caused by motor vehicle accidents. indicates that there has been a 5.9 percent reduction in motor vehicle fatalities annually since 2002. Still, motor vehicle collisions remain the fourth leading cause of injury-related death. Of these fatalities, 15 percent of people killed are motorcycle riders and 18 percent are pedestrians. A full 66 percent are in a vehicle when an accident happens.

In 2011, there were a total of four fatal motor vehicle collisions in Revere. Seven vehicles and seven people, including two pedestrians, were involved in these accidents. The deadly collisions took the lives of four people, according to City Data.

In 2010, there were also four fatal motor vehicle collisions. Two pedestrians were among the individuals involved in Revere accidents. The collisions led to a total of five fatalities over the course of the year.

A Revere Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

The Revere, MA Traffic Department responds to motor vehicle collisions and writes reports on collisions that have occurred. The Traffic Department also enforces vehicle traffic laws in an attempt to make the roads safer for motorists, bicycle riders, and pedestrians.

When motorists are involved in a traffic collision that causes injury, death, or damage to any vehicle that has a cost of over $1,000 to repair, a motor vehicle crash report must be filed. Those involved in a crash should get the crash report, as it can be used as evidence to make an injury or wrongful death claim. Your attorney can also help you to explore other ways to make your case to recover car accident damages.

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