Construction Site Falls

Construction is among the most dangerous occupations in Massachusetts and nowhere is an employee more at risk than when working at height.

The Boston construction accident lawyers at the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Glassman are committed to representing employees in personal injury and wrongful death claims stemming from on-the-job accidents. While workers' compensation may offer some assistance when it comes to lost wages and medical bills, a third-party liability claim may also be warranted when the negligence of a property owner, subcontractor of other at-fault party contributed to an accident.

More than 208,000 fall accidents are reported each year. An average of more than 600 employees are killed in fall accidents, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Four construction workers die on the job each day. Only transportation accidents result in more on-the-job fatalities each year.

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration reports that more than half of fall accidents occur in the construction industry each year, making falls the leading cause of construction deaths.

Massachusetts Fall Accidents and Construction Injuries

Common causes of construction falls include:

  • Unprotected floor holes and wall openings
  • Protruding steel rebar
  • Improper scaffold construction
  • Misuse of portable ladders
  • Scaffolding accidents
  • Aerial lift accidents
  • Roofing accidents
  • Elevator accidents

Fall accidents often result in very serious, debilitating or fatal injuries. Broken bones, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries and neck and back injuries frequently result. Healing may take months or even years and in too many cases an employee may never be able to make a full recovery. In addition to workers' compensation and disability benefits, it's important to speak to a Boston personal injury lawyer or wrongful death attorney about your rights. Defective equipment, dangerous conditions and a lack of proper safety equipment may warrant pursuit of a negligence claim.

Examining all avenues of recovery is critical to protecting your rights and the financial well-being of you and your family.

Fall Accident safety tips:

  • Use railings and toeboard or floor hole covers.
  • Use guardrail in areas more than four feet off the ground.
  • Use fall-arrest and other safety equipment when working over dangerous areas, machinery or vats of liquid.
  • Utilize safety harnesses, nets, handrails and other safety equipment.
  • Keep floors clean and free of trip hazards.
  • Utilize proper ladder and scaffolding safety features.
  • Never overreach.
  • Properly train workers about the hazards of working at height.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports an increasingly high number of minorities, particularly Latinos, are working in the construction trades, where language barriers and knowledge of workplace rights may complicate work-safety efforts. More than 2 million Latinos currently work in the construction industry. Most fall accidents are preventable. And contractors and foreman must do their part to ensure safety in the workplace. But employees can also help ensure their safety by playing a proactive part and by not shying away from pointing out dangerous workplace conditions to management.

If you are dealing with a Massachusetts construction accident, contact the Boston personal injury lawyers and wrongful death attorneys at the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Glassman today for a free and confidential consultation to discuss your rights.

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