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In Cambridge, MA, 37,510 patients visited the Emergency Room at Mount Auburn Hospital last year. Mount Auburn is both a medical and surgical teaching hospital and is the place where local victims are likely to seek treatment after a motor vehicle collision, a fall, or another type of injury. US News reports that 11,806 people had to be admitted to this hospital over the course of the year, many because of unintentional injuries.

When an injury occurs, victims incur significant costs and their lives may be changed forever. Injuries could result in death, leaving grieving family members to cope with financial and emotional loss. Victims are entitled to compensation after an injury or fatality caused by negligence or a failure to fulfill a legal obligation. A Cambridge personal injury lawyer can help with the legal process of obtaining award for monetary damages.

Cambridge Residents at Risk of Injury

According to Mass.gov, 70 percent of deaths due to injury in Boston occur unintentionally or are the result of an accident. There are many different reasons for unintentional injuries to occur. For example, accidental deaths can occur because of:

  • Negligent drivers
  • Defective products
  • Unsafe property conditions
  • Negligent security
  • Dangerous dogs
  • Improper care in a nursing home setting
  • Negligent supervision

In many cases, an unintentional death happens because someone is negligent or fails to live up to legal duties. For example, nursing homes must provide appropriate care to patients and take precautions to prevent bedsores, falls and other causes of harm to residents. Unfortunately, of the 35 nursing homes in Cambridge, Caring.com reports an average rating of just 3.2 out of five stars. Reviews report non-responsive staff members and understaffing that compromised patient care.

Cambridge has a population density of 16,469 people per square mile according to Cambridge.gov, which makes it the 10th densest city in the United States. Having many people in close proximity means there is potential for vehicle collisions, or for serious injuries or deaths if property conditions are not maintained or if care is not taken to avoid exposure to dangerous products or hazardous substances.

A Cambridge Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

Cambridge is bordered by Boston, Somerville, Belmont, Arlington and Watertown. Neighborhoods are densely populated and connected by the MBTA Red Line. Neighborhoods are organized into different squares with each square acting as a neighborhood center. There were a total of 105,162 people living in the area as of the 2010 Census.

With so many people living in Cambridge or passing through the area, there is a significant risk of injury or death occurring in the city. When this occurs, victims need to understand their legal rights.

The Massachusetts State Police Fifth Barracks Troop H is responsible for patrolling Cambridge along with the Cambridge Police Department, and law enforcement should be called after an accident occurs to make a report of the incident. An experienced Cambridge personal injury lawyer can help victims of accidents to pursue a claim in court for compensation if it is determined someone else was to blame for causing the injury or death.

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