Waltham Workers' Compensation

In Waltham Massachusetts, an estimated 20.85 percent of workers are employed in the field of management, business, and finance as compared with 14.36 percent of workers in this sector nationally. Engineering, computers, and science, as well as sales, office and administrative support, are other top fields where Watham workers are employed. A total of 21.11 percent of workers are in the field of administrative support, sales and office work while 11.90 percent of the workforce in Waltham have careers in engineering, science or computing.

Many workers in Waltham are in the professional and business services sector, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 408 fatalities in this field over the course of 2013. The unfortunate reality, however, is that workers may be killed or injured in any career field. When a worker loses his life, surviving family members can make a workers’ compensation claim for death benefits. A worker who is hurt but not killed on the job may also receive work-injury benefits for medical costs as well as for disability and loss of wages. A Waltham workers’ compensation attorney can help make a work injury claim and resolve benefits disputes. Call the Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers today to learn more.

Waltham Workers Face Injury Risks

Waltham has a long and rich history in the manufacturing sector. As the home of the Boston Manufacturing Company, Waltham was one of the leading cities to contribute to the industrial revolution in America. It was also one of the first cities to embrace industrial planning. The areas embrace of labor and industry resulted in the creation of the Waltham-Lowell system of labor and production. The city of Waltham was also famous as the home of the Waltham Watch company, which remained in business until 1957 and produced more than 35 million clocks and watches.

Today, Waltham is best known for being the home of top universities, including Brandeis and Bentley. The city is in Middlesex County and as of the 2010 census had a population of 60,363.

Waltham is bordered by Newton, Weston, Lincoln, Belmont and Lexington. The median income exceeded $54,000 in 2007. Unfortunately, workers at all income levels and in all professions face the risk of getting hurt on the job. This is especially true if employers fail to employ reasonable safeguards to keep employees safe. For example, one Waltham granite company was cited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for failure to protect employees from crushing injuries.

Whether an employer follows OSHA regulations or is negligent is not relevant to a worker’s right to make a work injury claim. It is important that all workers are aware of Massachusetts laws that protect their right to receive benefits if they are harmed on the job.

A Waltham Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Can Help

Workers’ compensation benefits provide compensation after any injury or illness arising out of work tasks. Those who are hurt or who lose loved ones should be able to receive benefits by notifying their employer of the damage to their health due to their job. An experienced legal team can assist in making a report of injury, filing a workers’ comp claim or solving problems with benefits not being paid as required.

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