FAQ on Yaz Birth Control Lawsuits

Since 2009, Bayer has been subject to thousands of plaintiffs filing lawsuits against the drug manufacturer as a result of dangers and complications associated with Yaz and Yasmin, two forms of birth control produced by the company. Evidence, including FDA records and scientific studies, indicate that Bayer misled the public both about the effectiveness and the dangers of Yaz and Yasmin.

Our Boston defective drug lawyers know that drug manufacturers have an obligation to the public to make sure drugs are safe, to warn the public of dangers, and to be honest in advertising. Bayer has fallen short of these obligations in its actions surrounding Yaz and patients need to understand what the drug company did wrong and what rights injured victims have. If you’ve been harmed, you can contact the Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers today for an evaluation of your case and an explanation of your options in holding Bayer responsible for Yaz complications. You can also review the answers to frequently asked questions below to learn more about the problems surrounding Yaz birth control.

1. Did the FDA Approved Yaz?

Yaz was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2006. In both 2008 and 2009, the birth control was the best selling oral contraceptive on the market. Yaz was later approved for the treatment of premenstrual dysphoric disorder and mild acne.

2. Is Yaz Really Dangerous Despite FDA Approval?

Although the FDA approves drugs, it is up to individual manufacturers to test their products and ensure they are safe. Unfortunately, when manufacturers fail to live up to this obligation, dangerous drugs can find their way onto the market and into people’s medicine cabinets. The FDA cannot conduct its own extensive scientific studies and testing on every drug it approves and counts on manufacturers to make safe medications and warn the public about risks.

3. Why was Yaz so Popular?

Yaz became popular as a result of an aggressive marketing campaign. Bayer made promises in television commercials and on the Internet that the birth control pill could cure acne and PMS. Bayer also implied that its other birth control, Yasmin, was more effective than other types of contraceptives. The aggressive marketing led many patients to switch to Yaz or Yasmin from other methods of birth control.

4. Was Bayer Honest About Yaz in Advertising?

The FDA determined on multiple occasions that Bayer was misleading the public through its advertising. A warning letter was sent to Bayer in 2008 about the marketing of Yaz and in 2009, Bayer settled complaints with the FDA and spent $20 million to comply with FDA orders regarding warning the public about the dangers and risks of Yaz and letting the public know what Yaz could actually treat.

5. What are Some of the Risks of Yaz?

Bayer’s misleading claims may have caused many patients to switch to Yaz, but it was far more damaging that the company hid the risks of the drug to patients. Yaz can cause a number of serious complications including increasing the risk of vascular problems and deadly blood clots. FDA reports indicate that between 2004 and 2008, at least 50 people reportedly died from taking Yaz.

6. Is Bayer Responsible for the Dangers of Yaz?

Manufacturers are held strictly liable if they produce a defective or dangerous drug and/or fail to warn the public about the risk. The FDA warning letters and the studies showing a clear link between the birth control and serious health complications indicate that Bayer is responsible for injury to victims.

7. Have Claims and Lawsuits Been Filed Against Bayer?

Bayer has been sued for complications arising from both Yaz and Yasmin. More than 10,000 plaintiffs have already taken action against the company. Bayer has settled many of the cases, resolving an estimated 1,9000 claims based on allegations that Yaz and Yasmin can cause heart attacks and strokes. Plaintiffs in one category of clot cases received average settlements of around $212,000 per claim and Bloomberg reported in 2012 that Bayer had set aside $610.5 million to settle further cases.

8. Can I Take Legal Action Against Bayer?

If you or a loved one was injured or killed as a result of Yaz or Yasmin, you may be able to make a claim against Bayer to obtain compensation for losses. You should speak with a Boston Yaz injury lawyer at Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers to learn about your legal rights and your options for pursuing compensation. Give us a call or contact us online today to schedule a consultation and get your claim started.

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