Lynn Workers' Compensation

The New Lynn Coalition describes Lynn, Massachusetts as “a little city with big potential.” Lynn is one of the most racially diverse cities in Massachusetts, and it is a city where many local services are provided by residents. Although Lynn has a median income much lower than most of Massachusetts, Lynn has “seen some persistence in manufacturing,” including “well-paid union jobs.” Census data also shows that more residents of Lynn are employed in healthcare and in social assistance than any other fields. 

Manufacturing, as well as the healthcare field, are both dangerous sectors in which to work, although there are very different risks among the different types of jobs. Unfortunately, every worker faces on-the-job risks, especially if employers fail to follow safety guidelines and regulations. When an incident occurs and an employee is hurt on the job, getting legal help is essential. A Lynn, MA workers’ compensation attorney at the Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers can provide legal assistance to injured workers and to family members of those killed at work. Call today to learn more.

Lynn Workers Face Risks

Lynn, Massachusetts is the largest city in Essex County, with an estimated population of 90,329 residents. Lynn is well known for Lynn Heritage State Park, Lynn Beach and the city’s proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. The city’s location is also very central and convenient for commuters from throughout Massachusetts. Lynn is 10 miles north of Boston’s downtown area and is five miles away from Salem and 10 miles from Cape Ann. Border cities of Lynn include Nahant, Peabody, Lynnfield, Revere, and Saugus.

The city’s desirable geographic location is cited as a major asset by the New Lynn Coalition, which aims to improve conditions in a city where many people make less than $10,000 per year in income.

Unfortunately, low-wage workers tend to be susceptible to higher risks of injury or fatalities. In 2010, for example, 596 low-wage workers suffered deadly injuries on-the-job and 12,415 died from occupational illnesses such as black lung disease. A Public Health policy brief also indicates that 1.6 million low-wage workers experienced non-fatal injuries and another 87,857 developed asthma or other non-fatal occupational health problems.

Lynn’s two most vibrant employment sectors, healthcare, and manufacturing, are also both dangerous fields where there is a significant risk of getting hurt on-the-job. OSHA reports that there are more injuries among workers in the healthcare field than any other sector. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also indicates that a total of 304 workers in the manufacturing sector were killed on-the-job in 2013.

Lynn Workers Have Rights

Employers should do everything possible to keep workers safe, in every industry and every position. Unfortunately, this does not always occur. One Lynn-based commercial painting company, for example, failed to provide adequate training and sufficient fall protection equipment to workers. An employee was killed after falling 23 feet from a roof and the company was cited for six serious violations of workplace safety laws.

Regardless of what an employer does, or fails to do, workers’ compensation laws provide benefits to all Lynn workers who get hurt or sick because of their jobs. A Lynn attorney who represents injured employees and their families can help with a workers’ comp claim.

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