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Inadequate Maintenance

In today's tough economy, employers are always looking to save a buck. We've seen it in the high unemployment rate, in the seemingly never ending cuts to customer service, and often in the deteriorating condition of your local business or workplace.

Unfortunately, inadequate maintenance too often leads to the serious injury of an employee or invited guest. Whether involving a motor vehicle or a premise liability claim, these can be complex cases. The Boston personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Glassman have the knowledge, experiences and resources to thoroughly investigate your case and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Examples of inadequate maintenance claims include:

  • Truck and Bus Accidents: Accidents involving commercial trucks and buses often involve out-of-state trucking companies, insurance companies and maintenance contractors. When a commercial operator skimps on maintenance, serious and fatal injuries often result. Forcing a company to produce maintenance records, and proving they are out of compliance with state and federal requirements, is critical in building a personal injury or wrongful death claim.

  • Taxi Cab Accidents/Mass Transit: Just as commercial bus and truck operators are required to perform standard maintenance, so too are the owners and operators of cab services and mass transit options.

  • Work Injuries: When an employer saves money by failing to properly maintain equipment, employees bear the risk. Whether it's a transportation accident or an accident involving manufacturing equipment, faulty maintenance is among the leading causes.

  • Premise Liability: From inoperable security cameras or parking lot lights, to cracked sidewalks, loose handrails and cluttered aisles, business owners who fail to invest in maintenance often find themselves on the wrong end of a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit in Massachusetts.

  • Elevator/Escalator Accidents: Building owners must comply with guidelines for operating elevators, escalators and lifts. Poor maintenance history often results in unnecessary accident or injury.

  • Landlord Liability: Broken windows, faulty stairwells, loose porches and inadequate security are just a few of the claims that can arise when a landlord or property manager fails to properly maintain the premises.

  • Overgrown Vegetation: This can lead to dangerous view obstructions near intersections, falling tree branches or other hazards that are readily preventable with adequate maintenance.

  • Dangerous Roads: When a municipality or private community fails to properly repair roads, guardrails, street signs or traffic control devices, serious or fatal accidents may result. Manhole covers, drainage canals and other municipal infrastructure may also present the risk of serious injury when proper monitoring and maintenance is not undertaken.

  • Condo/HOA Liability: A condominium association or Homeowner's Association has an obligation to keep common areas properly maintained and free of unnecessary and preventable hazards. When an association fails, and a guest or resident is injured, a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit may be warranted.

If your family is dealing with injury as a result of inadequate maintenance, contact the Boston personal injury lawyers and wrongful death attorneys at the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Glassman today for a free and confidential consultation to discuss your rights.

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