Fall River Workers' Compensation

In the Fall River, Providence and Warwick, there were 698,800 people in the civilian labor force in July 2014, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. A total of 118,300 worked in education and health services, which was the sector employing the largest number of people. Another 97,300 worked in trade, transportation, and utilities while 71,100 people worked in the field of leisure and hospitality.

Workers in these and other sectors face risks associated with workplace injuries. After an accident or a death on the job, workers and family members are entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits. A Fall River workers’ compensation attorney at the Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers can provide assistance. Call today to learn more.

Fall River Workers Face Risks

Fall River is the 10th largest city in Massachusetts and had a population of 88,857 as of the 2010 census. The city is located on Mount Hope Bay and the Taunton River and is within Bristol County. Fall River has a long history of industrial development and between 1871 and 1872, 15 new corporations were founded in Fall River and 22 new mills were constructed. By 1876, a full 1/6 of all New England cotton capacity and half of all print cloth production took place in Fall River.

The economy in Fall River developed during the 19th century. And, because the city was largely built on a granite quarry, Fall River became famous for mining granite. The city remained very prosperous all the way through the 20th century, although conditions began to change when the Braga Bridge was constructed in the 1960s and many cultural landmarks were lost. Since the 1980s, however, a significant amount of new development has occurred. Most of this new development is focused in the Northern end of the city.

With the majority of workers employed in health services, there is a significant risk of workplace injury. In fact, OSHA data reveals that more workplace injuries occur among healthcare workers than employees in any other field. However, all employees throughout Fall River are at risk of injury, especially if employers fail to follow workplace safety rules.

In recent years, for example, a Fall River, MA roofing company faced a fine of $70,000 for failure to provide fall protection equipment to workers according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Another Fall River contractor was cited for inadequate guard rails, a lack of worker eye and head protection, and electrical hazards.

Employer negligence can lead to OSHA citations but is irrelevant when it comes to an employee’s ability to make a workers’ compensation claim. All workers are entitled to be compensated for any and all on-the-job injuries or illnesses, regardless of whether an employer was careless or was to blame in any way.

A Fall River Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Can Help

Employers should be entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits after they have notified their Fall River employer of an injury. Unfortunately, sometimes benefits are not paid in full or as required. A Conciliation allows workers and employers or insurers to negotiate a resolution. Employee Claim - Form 110 should be submitted to the Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA) to schedule a negotiation related to benefits.

The DIA also enforces workers’ comp laws and ensures that workers receive benefits when they are not able to come to an agreement with employers. An experienced law firm can help employees to make an initial work injury claim and to protect their right to benefits when disputes arise.

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