Defective Hip Complications and Symptoms

Hip replacement generally involve inserting an acetabular cup into the acetabulum, which is a concave surface of the pelvis that the femur fits into. The stem of the hip replacement product is inserted into the femur and a new head is put onto the femur to replace the old worn-down joint. A variety of different materials can be used to make both the new femur head and the acetabulum, but all have upsides and downsides to them.

One of the most popular options for much of the 2000’s has been the use of metal-on-metal hip replacement components, which means a metal replacement head fit into a metal-lined acetabular cup. Unfortunately, these metal-on-metal replacement products have now been proved to have a high failure rate and to cause significant complications for patients. If you or a loved one had a metal-on-metal hip replacement product and you have begun experiencing problems, an experienced Boston defective hip implants lawyer at the Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers can help.

Complications Associated with Defective Hip Implants

An artificial hip usually lasts for as long as 12 to 15 years and some products can last for as long as 30 because of the stronger materials used on replacement joints today. Unfortunately, there has been a very high failure rate within the first five years for certain types of hip replacement products including ceramic hip replacement devices produced by Stryker as well as metal-on-metal products from a variety of manufacturers including DePuy Orthopaedics and Zimmer Holdings.

The defective hip replacement products that are causing problems largely came to the market under special 501(K) rules that permit fast-tracked FDA approval with minimal testing because the products are substantially similar to existing devices already on the market. While each different manufacturers’ products have slightly different failure rates, the defective hip replacement products that were so widely used by the public all cause similar problems and complications including:

  • A significantly increased likelihood that a revision surgery will be necessary within the first five years.
  • Infection.
  • Metallosis (A build-up of metals ions on the body caused by a breakdown of the hip replacement joints as the metal parts rub against each other).
  • Osteolysis (Bone loss).
  • Aseptic loosening (A loosening of the components in the hip replacement product).
  • Pseudo-tumors (A collection of fluid and metal flakes in the body).
  • Discomfort and limited mobility.

Hundreds of injured patients worldwide have experienced these and other complications when their hip implant products didn’t live up to the promises made by the manufacturer. Patients who have undergone a hip implant procedure with a recalled product, or with any metal-on-metal implant, should be aware of the serious complications they face. It is important to undergo regular routine testing to detect signs that the hip implant is failing and patients need to be alert for signs of symptoms that something has gone wrong.

Taking Legal Action If You Experience Complications

If you or a loved one experiences complications as a result of a defective hip replacement product, you may have a right to compensation. Many manufacturers have recalled their hip joint products that caused harm, and medical journals and studies have established a link between the hip products and complications patients are suffering. Manufacturers have an obligation not to produce dangerous products and, regardless of whether the manufacturers were negligent or not, can be held accountable for injuries if it can be proved their product caused the harm.

An experienced Boston defective hip implant lawyer at Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers can help you to pursue a claim for monetary damages if you have been harmed by a defective medical device. Give us a call or contact us online today to learn more about how we can assist with your case.

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